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Anonymous asked: You're pretty racist to think things like plastic surgery is something reserved only for Korea lmao I mean you DO know Hollywood and many young former Disney stars all get plastic? It's part of the business you know lol to look attractive wow

Hey there Anon, thank you for taking the time out to write a submission. 

As much as I appreciate your opinion, I have never once stated that plastic surgery is something reserved only for Korea. It appears this is an assumption that you have made yourself. 

I am aware that plastic surgery exists in many countries across the world however South Korea does have the highest rates and it is a major factor in their tourism industry. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery however there are consequences and implications as a result of a country that is highly saturated with these types of images. Plastic surgery is so prominent in South Korea that it has been reflected in their popular culture and is constantly a discourse within the media. 

Some of the posts that are shared on this blog are from either other sources such as news websites, blogs etc. These are selected for the followers of this blog who are interested in reading about these particular topics. The opinion pieces are clearly detailed that they have been written. 

Lastly, I’m quite concerned with how lightly you think plastic surgery is and brush it off with the fact that you think it is simply business 'to look attractive.'

It is attitudes like this that reinforces negative body issues and the search for validation within society about one’s appearance. Talent plays a big factor on whether we as a society decide if an artist should be valued or praised. Not their ‘attractiveness’ because it’s simply ‘part of the business’. 

I hope this answers your question and if it does not, I encourage you to do some research and explore this topic yourself. :)